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The 2014 Annual
Water Quality Report is
available online.

Go to the Water Quality Reports page for more information.
If you would like a copy mailed to you, contact customer service at 1-800-553-5191.
Copies are also available at the Water Department office at
401 Central Street and at Town Hall 139 Main Street.

Click here
for the Tata & Howard, Inc. report regarding
current and future water rates for the
Town of Rowley Water Department,
updated 6-26-2015.

Mandatory Water Ban in Effect

May 15, 2015

The Parker River Flows
have dropped below 20cfs for three consecutive days.
This has triggered the mandatory water ban.
Go to the Policies page for more informaiton.

To check the flows of the Parker River please visit:



Town-Wide Water-Main Leak Survey

The Town of Rowley Water Department will begin a complete leak detection survey of the 43 miles of water main in the distribution system beginning the week of August 5, 2015. We have contracted with Water & Waste Pipe Testing, Inc. We are required to perform this leak survey per the Water Management Act Permit. The cost of the project is $6,300. By performing this survey we will be saving the Town thousands of dollars in lost revenue from unaccounted for water leakage.

Water & Waste Pipe Testing, Inc was established in April of 1981. They became a corporation in the State of Massachusetts in 1985.  They provide service to numerous cities and municipalities in the New England area. Water & Waste Pipe Testing, Inc has been in business for 33 years and have successfully performed well over 800 water leakage surveys. For more information please contact the Rowley Water Department at 978-948-2640.


Cross Connection Control Survey

The Rowley Water Department will be conducting Cross Connection Control Surveys in the months of August and September 2015. The Town is required under 310CMR 22.22 to conduct these surveys on all commercial, industrial and institutional facilities supplied by the public water system. The purpose of these surveys is to identify any and all cross connections and make sure that all cross connections are protected with the proper backflow device to protect public health and safety. We have contracted with Water Safety Services, Inc. to conduct these very important surveys in the system. Water Safety Services Inc. is a privately held corporation that was organized and incorporated in 1994 with the sole purpose of assisting cities and towns in the implementation of the Massachusetts Drinking Water Regulations as they apply to 310 CMR 22.22. This is known as a Cross Connection Control Program. For the last 16 years, Water Safety Services has been assisting the Town of Rowley Water Department with the implementation of a Cross Connection Control Program.The cost of the project is $2,900.

What is a cross connection?

Plumbing cross-connections, are defined as actual or potential connections between a potable and non-potable water supply that may contribute to the degradation of the quality of water inside your home or business. An unprotected or inadequately protected cross connection in the home or business could contaminate the drinking water supply not only in your building but also in neighboring homes or businesses. Backflows due to cross-connections are serious plumbing problems; and can cause sickness and even death. However, they can be avoided by the use of proper protection devices.

For all inquires regarding customer service,
billing questions and information on the water rates,
please contact Customer Service at
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Monday 8:00 AM 2:00 PM
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In the event of an
emergency outside of business hours,
please contact the Rowley Police Department at

978 948-7644.
A new drop box has
been installed at 401 Central Street
for after hours payment.

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2015 Flushing Program

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Leak Detection Results

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